Getting started with MCUXpresso SDK is simple.

Do you have a development board?

Start by clicking on Select Development Board to download a customized SDK for that specific platform.

Are you returning and seeking previously downloaded SDKs?

Click on Dashboard for quick access to your history of downloads.

Are you looking for alternative methods to access the MCUXpresso SDKs?

Available on GitHub. Available with Pack Managers in IDEs with Open-CMSIS-Packs

sdk_iconMCUXpresso SDK

An open-source software development kit (SDK) built specifically for your processor and evaluation board selections.

Learn More About MCUXpresso SDK
ide_iconMCUXpresso IDE

An easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, building, debugging, and optimizing your application.

Learn More About MCUXpresso IDE
cfg_iconMCUXpresso Config Tools

A comprehensive suite of system configuration tools, including pins, clocks, SDK builder and more.

Learn More About MCUXpresso Config Tools
cfg_icon MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool

A graphical and command-line programming and secure provisioning tool for certificate and key management, secure image preparation, and processor provisioning and programming.

Learn More About MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool
cfg_icon MCUXpresso for VS Code

An extension for the popular Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Provides an optimized embedded developer experience for code editing and development.

Learn more about MCUXpresso for VS Code
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