MCUXpresso SDK API Reference Manual  Rev. 0
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API Reference
Here is a list of all modules:
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oADC16: 16-bit SAR Analog-to-Digital Converter Driver
oC90TFS Flash Driver
oCMP: Analog Comparator Driver
oCMT: Carrier Modulator Transmitter Driver
oCOP: Watchdog Driver
oClock Driver
|\Multipurpose Clock Generator (MCG)
oDAC: Digital-to-Analog Converter Driver
oDMA Manager
oDMAMUX: Direct Memory Access Multiplexer Driver
oDSPI: Serial Peripheral Interface Driver
|oDSPI DMA Driver
|oDSPI Driver
|oDSPI FreeRTOS Driver
|\DSPI eDMA Driver
oDebug Console
oGPIO: General-Purpose Input/Output Driver
|oFGPIO Driver
|\GPIO Driver
oI2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit Driver
|oI2C DMA Driver
|oI2C Driver
|oI2C FreeRTOS Driver
|\I2C eDMA Driver
oLLWU: Low-Leakage Wakeup Unit Driver
oLPTMR: Low-Power Timer
oLPUART: Low Power UART Driver
|oLPUART Driver
|oLPUART FreeRTOS Driver
|\LPUART eDMA Driver
oLTC: LP Trusted Cryptography
|oLTC Blocking APIs
||oLTC AES driver
||oLTC DES driver
||oLTC HASH driver
||\LTC PKHA driver
|\LTC Non-blocking eDMA APIs
| oLTC eDMA AES driver
| \LTC eDMA DES driver
oNotification Framework
oPIT: Periodic Interrupt Timer
oPMC: Power Management Controller
oPORT: Port Control and Interrupts
oRCM: Reset Control Module Driver
oRTC: Real Time Clock
oSIM: System Integration Module Driver
oSMC: System Mode Controller Driver
oSPI based Secure Digital Card (SDSPI)
oSecure Digital Card/Embedded MultiMedia Card (CARD)
oTPM: Timer PWM Module
oTRNG: True Random Number Generator
oTSI: Touch Sensing Input
|\TSIv4 Driver
oVREF: Voltage Reference Driver
\eDMA: Enhanced Direct Memory Access (eDMA) Controller Driver